In 2013, the defense team for George Zimmerman introduced a forensic animation into the trial of the Trayvon Martin case to illustrate their client's version of events.  Though forensic animations had been used in trials prior to Zimmerman's, the prominence of that particular animation, and the coverage it received led to a rethinking of the utility of forensic animations by defense lawyers and prosecutors across the country.   Attorneys know that jurors watch tv and are aware of what was presented in the Zimmerman trial.  In 2014 potential jurors are going to expect to see something similar.


Since that trial we've gotten increased interest from attorneys about forensic animations.  We work closely with lawyers and their clients to create forensic animations that faithfully reproduce events in great detail.

 We will provide full animations upon request, but a great deal of our work is done under NDAs or as proprietary IP work product.  On this site you may see still images from work where clients have allowed us to use those still images but not the full animations.

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