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Designed by Percolate Digital, ESM Viz partnered on this marketing visualization for USMI.

Say you've taken an equity stake in a promising new technology/therapy.  When it's finally time to present that product to the public - or even to co-investors - how do you explain it?  That's where Forensic Viz comes in.  We work closely with venture capitalists, investment partnerships, and individual investors to bring to life what is often the culmination of decades of research and development.  We take pride in our years of experience taking even the most complex scientific concepts and explaining them to peers, the public, or investors.


If you're a research scientist, we don't have to tell you how dramatically research grants have been reduced in the last 5 years.  In fact, we produced a short animation to illustrate that point!  Feel free to use it!

Research Scientists


We are committed to helping research scientists raise money from nontraditional grantmaking foundations. How? We create scientific visualizations that help you explain your research to the public and to non-science funders.


1 min

1 min

Skin care line, Strivectin™ hired us to visualize the effect of Niacin molecules on the cells of the dermis.

Forensic Viz "grows" carbon nanotubes in a lab at NC State University.  Dr. Jeff Danner's involvement in ESM Viz has driven our focus on providing short, inexpensive visualizations for individual scientific researchers.  These short videos have proven extremely valuable for the scientists who've asked us to do them.  This video shows an example of the integration of computer-generated imagery into live video of a laboratory scene to help better explain a scientific concept.

3 min

25 sec

Forensic Viz was asked to do the high-end 3D animations for, an online science curriculum about weather and the atmosphere for NC high school students.

Forensic Viz created computer generated space imagery for a television show about the origins of the Solar System for 3Net.  This is a section of "Unraveling The Cosmos" that highlights how small chance collisions in space helped shape the formation of our Solar System.

 We will provide full animations upon request, but a great deal of our work is done under NDAs or as proprietary IP work product.  On this site you may see still images from work where clients have allowed us to use those still images but not the full animations.

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