Medical Visualizations

Meet "Hank", our new photoreal human body.


ESM Viz made a substantial investment in 2014 in assets for our medical visualization business.  Meet "Hank", a fully photoreal, layered, human body with every bone, organ, muscle, nerve, vein meticulously accurate.

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That's what one doctor said of our work.  We were tasked recently with visualizing a new surgical technique for a plastic surgery professor at the UNC Medical School.  Due to advances in software, medical animations are much less expensive to produce than they were even a few years ago.

"It's like a medical illustration... that moves."

This is a medical animation of a butterfly graft surgery performed to relieve postrhinoplasty internal nasal valve dysfunction.  Besides a teaching tool for other plastic surgeons, a visualization like this is used to educate patients when photographs or video is not appropriate.

It all started with "The Operation".

In the 1990s, Forensic Viz, operating as Robert Newton Productions, Inc, was brought on by Figure 8 Films to help The Learning Channel explain the techniques and skills of the world's best surgeons to a typical tv audience.  The show was an unparalleled success and launched The Learning Channel to prominence (as well as Figure 8 Films).

That experience, and the contacts we made with leading surgeons and medical professionals through that show, led to our foundation in advanced medical visualizations.

A neuron receptor is flooded with glutamate molecules in this animation for the Foundation for Biomedical Research.  Forensic Viz does all of the science and medical animations for FBR's Emmy Nominated tv series, "Bench to Bedside".

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Robert Newton also does Forensic Animation.

 We will provide full animations upon request, but a great deal of our work is done under NDAs or as proprietary IP work product.  On this site you may see still images from work where clients have allowed us to use those still images but not the full animations.

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