Engineering and Forensic

For over 15 years ESM Viz has been the leader in forensic accident reconstruction.

Now we've expanded

into engineering product ideation, as well as in-context rendering.

We're also designing 3D

interactive training modules for the manufacturing sector!

We're known worldwide for our forensic animation visualizations.

From a detailed breakdown of the 1988 Pan Am Flight 103 disaster to 2012's terrible high rise gas explosion in Mexico City, ESM Viz has been retained by some of the largest engineering firms in the world, as well as senior government agencies, to recreate many of the most noted large-scale incidents in history.  The Chemical Safety Board in Washington, DC used ESM Viz (formerly Robert Newton Productions, Inc) for over 5 years for its accident reconstruction videos, including the Texas City, Texas refinery disaster, one of the largest refinery accidents in U.S. History (see right).



Architectural Visualization

We take the visions of your engineers and architects and bring them to life.  Whether that design is a small commercial complex, a luxury home, a stadium or a skyscraper, let us visualize it for you.



Architectural visualization samples.

Product marketing visualization

Sure, AutoCAD and SolidWorks produce beautiful renders these days, but design software can only take your product so far.  We are experts in taking your design work to the next level, even if that means using a helicopter to "unveil" your latest server like we did for IBM.  

 We will provide full animations upon request, but a great deal of our work is done under NDAs or as proprietary IP work product.  On this site you may see still images from work where clients have allowed us to use those still images but not the full animations.

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