We are experts in digital video enhancement, forensic 3D animation, and photogrammetry/lidar scanning of accident scenes.  We're also trial tested.

Deep Forensic Video Enhancement

With over 20 years experience analyzing digital media, we've developed the ability at our video lab to retrieve evidence from CCTV/Surveillance footage, body cams and cellphone video that others often can't.

If you have a case where being able to get clarity on

a snippet of video evidence would make all the difference, by all means give us a call. We look at videos the way a radiologist looks at x-rays; digging deeply into the "blurry stuff" to reveal what really happened.

3D Forensic Animations for Trials

Robert Newton was the senior forensic 3D animator for the U.S. Chemical Safety Board in Washington between 2003 and 2008. He along with consultation from Forensic Visial partner, Jeff Danner, PhD, helped the CSB create animations and videos of some of the most significant industrial accidents in U.S. history.

Robert's current 3D specialties are explosions and vehicle injury cases, specifically the recreation of photoreal nighttime accident scenes using photometric lighting to accurately reproduce prior lighting conditions.

Photogrammetry & Lidar Scanning of Accident Scenes

We have a team that excels in both lidar scanning and photogrammetry capture of accident scenes.  We also analyze, decimate and convert the massively large point clouds that accompany photogrammetry and lidar scans.

As any forensic engineer knows, the quality of the initial forensic scan and the handling of the point cloud data are critically important to getting accurate results in their research and analysis.

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Forensic Visual evolved from our background in digital video and science and medical animations.

 We will provide full animations upon request, but a great deal of our work is done under NDAs or as proprietary IP work product.  On this site you may see still images from work where clients have allowed us to use those still images but not the full animations.

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